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Live your shooting live

Shooting TV is an online platform for the audiovisual sector. The user can connect from his home to a filming in real time, being a participant in what happens live, as if he were in his tent within the same recording set.

All information and communication instantly with a live performance of what happens on the set. The user will be able to view and interact with the platform from any device, be it PC, tablet and / or mobile phones.

From small shootings to large productions

With this format we can carry out any event, festival, stage art, etc.

The versatility of our technical and human teams allow us to offer a guaranteed final quality.



Scenic art

Film festivals

making of

live editing

what we do

Live Streaming Services

  • DIT Van & LIVE Control
  • Live performance service
  • Filming DIT service
  • 2 people: Mobile Unit Director and DIT

Advantages / Covid-19

  • We don’t have to be in the filming SET. We go with our own vehicles and prepared as Mobile Units
  • All the material we use is disinfected according to the new Covid-19 regulation (BOE – APCP).
  • The human team has the training and the material according to the new Covid-19 regulations (BOE – APCP).

Online shooting

Director view

In this channel we see the camera of the filming live, as if it were the monitor of the tent or combo. It is also the channel to see the playbacks of the filmed material.

Shooting board

This is the channel to be able to see the shooting board of the shoot and the number of the shot that we are shooting at the same moment.

Live filming set

Live viewing of the filming set and the spaces where it is necessary to evaluate the actors' costumes, the product, ... etc.

Communicate with your team

It is possible to communicate with the team members who are present in the session through a community chat.